FanFair Systems Inc.

FanFair Systems Inc.

FanFair is the next generation music industry social network engaging artists, fans and industry players in new and innovative ways. Whether it’s booking live events, artist discovery or fan engagement, FanFair gives fans unprecedented access to their favorite artists and engages them in ways that enhance their experiences, and the careers of their favorite artists.

FanFair’s multi-sided content and digital media marketplace gives artists innovative fan sourcing tools that engage fans market-by-market, and allows fans to get in the game with the artists they love. By enabling artists and fans to work side by side, our system can successfully engage industry players to create live music events with limited to no financial risk, and provides new potential revenue streams for artists.

Web Design & Development, E-Commerce, Mobile, Social Media, Startup

Job Opportunities at FanFair Systems Inc.

Senior / Mid Level Web Developers
FanFair Systems is looking for mid-level and senior web developers to join our main product development team. You are an extremely passionate, creative team player/developer who loves the... more

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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada