Infinity Softworks, the company behind FastFigures, has been a pioneer in software calculators and mobile computing for more than a decade. Founded in January 1997 by Elia Freedman, Infinity Softworks' software calculators – FCPlus® and powerOne® – redefined how our customers thought of calculators and calculation.

Rather than remembering a complicated set of keystrokes, our calculators transform computations into simple-to-use calculation templates. These templates make what-if analysis easy by showing all variables on the screen at one time, either provided by Infinity Softworks or created by our customers. There are currently more than 250 templates for our smartphone and software calculators available from Infinity Softworks' web site and countless more created and used by our customers.

Our products have been used in real estate and mortgage industries, investing and financial planning, math and science, medicine, and many more.

FastFigures takes Infinity Softworks' innovative work in software calculator products and brings it to the web and Apple’s iPhone™ and iPod® Touch. Not only does FastFigures sport Infinity Softworks' groundbreaking calculation template format, FastFigures also offers calculation portfolio and reporting capabilities, and works from any browser or runs without an Internet connection on the iPhone / iPod Touch.

Infinity Softworks has distributed more than 15 million calculation software products to handheld, smartphone and computer owners. Our powerOne Personal software calculator was bundled with handheld and laptop computers from Palm, Sony, GE Security (Supra), Garmin, ViewSonic and Franklin-Covey. The company also has had partnerships with RIM (BlackBerry), Dell, Amazon, Center for Disease Control (CDC), Educational Testing Service (ETS, provider of SAT and AP exams) and other leaders in their respective fields.

Infinity Softworks in Beaverton, Oregon, is privately held and privately funded.


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