Fitabilitee is the most accurate web based platform for matching candidates with organizations. We do this by making sure that candidates not only fulfill the business needs of the organization, but most importantly, that they are the perfect culture fit.

The main problem we are solving is the fit. Most selection tools (i.e., tests, applicant tracking software) do a great job assessing candidates’ skills and knowledge about whether they could do the job, but few do a good job of assessing fit with the company culture.

Funneling candidates through our tool means a recruiter won’t waste time interviewing candidates who look good on paper that don’t fit and thus leaves them more time to select from the candidate(s) who do have the right attitudes to be successful in your company.

Organizations and Candidates fill out a simple profile and survey and then are given back a customized Culture Map and Horoscope at no cost to them. From there, they are able to share this information across their social media pages along with any opportunities they have created to get the most exposure.

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