'Going Green' isn't hard if you access to the right information. Fivelimes is an entirely user-generated community that acts as your independent resource for information on the latest eco-friendly and socially responsible products and services. Our mission is to make the job of finding, discussing, comparing and shopping for green products and services around the world extremely easy. The more people acting together, the greater our impact will be.

Isn't the solution to simply stop buying 'stuff' altogether? At Fivelimes we feel that using natural resources wisely to survive and enjoy life is only natural. So while a reduction in overall consumption is very important, we don't think stopping consumption altogether is realistic. We want to help foster a new type of ethical consumerism that embraces products that are built to last, are made in a sustainable fashion and are produced for a living wage. The more people shopping together for these types of products together, the more the market will supply.

Part of our goal is to ensure that green consumers have an open an honest dialog with the companies producing the products. As such, we invite green companies to actively participate in the discussion.


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