Forward Thinking Systems

Forward Thinking Systems

Real-Time GPS Tracking and Fleet Management cloud based solution.

Forward Thinking Systems is a provider of real-time asset tracking and fleet management software. With our feature-rich web application you will see exactly where all of your vehicles are in real-time by installing our GPS Tracking device in the vehicle.

You will be able to look-up where they have been over the last 2 years, see who was driving them, where they parked, idled, entered or exited an area, or even drove above the speed limit.

Additional applications which come optional to our GPS Tracking solution: Vehicle Maintenance module, Hours of service E-Log application for Truck drivers, Dispatching software directly to Garmin GPS and Android Tablet devices.

We also offer a set of API's for integration, connect your current system or website and get instant feeds in real-time for anything you would like to query: vehicle GPS location, dispatched order status and many more!

Ask us for more details, we are here to serve companies with fleets of vehicles with the most innovated Real-Time GPS and dispatch technology. see a live video of our solution here:

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