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News on Foursquare

HootSuite Partners with Foursquare to Create Online Venue Management Solution for Businesses
HootSuite is partnering with Foursquare to create a venue management solution for businesses. The app integration aims to combine the power of customer insights from Foursquare's social check-in... more
Foursquare: Groupon is only 'version 1.0' of the daily deals model
Groupon is by far the biggest daily deals company around. The emerging space it occupies is already crowded with carbon copies, though, so how are the successful ones going to stand out from... more
Foursquare reaches one billion checkins, updates app, releases video
Foursquare announced today via its blog that that last week, its app reached one billion checkins. To celebrate, the startup put together a video: Because we’re data nerds, we put... more
Yellow Pages Group announces Strategic Agreement with Foursquare
Today Yellow Pages Group (YPG) announced an agreement with location-based social networking startup Foursquare to participate in their "venue harmonization project" - a project to improve the... more
Are geo-social apps right for your business? It's worth thinking about
Some businesses are having big successes by marketing themselves on geo-social apps like Foursquare. Others... not so much. Why is that? Why do some fail while others succeed? That was the subject... more
News in Short: Astronaut earns Foursquare badge in space; sued over profitability
Astronaut earns Foursquare badge in space Anybody for mayor status in outer space?  A NASA astronaut used Foursquare last week to check in outside the Earth's atmosphere. Douglas Wheelock,... more
Montréal's Foursquare Mobs lets location-lovers meet their fellow check-in addicts
Montréal startup Foursquare Mobs is a supplement to the popular location-based mobile app, Foursquare. It allows you to connect directly with other Foursquare users to plan an event, or... more
Check in with your favourite NHL hockey team with Foursquare
Maybe the National Hockey League saw the success that Jonathan Sinden was having with Foursquare and other social media tools.  Jonathan is in charge of all things social media for the Maple... more
Location-based services are creative and exciting but raise serious security concerns
Look at your list of Facebook friends or Twitter followers. Find one you've never met in real life (and I'm sure there are plenty). Now, track down their number through a phone book or whatever you... more
#growconf | A timelined summary of 'Day 2: Inspire' at GROW 2010 (Part 4 of 4)
August 20, 2010. Day 2, Inspire: The GROW Conference will provide inspiration for turning today's entrepreneurs into tomorrow's leaders. Speakers include founders of... more
Shoot for the enterprise, and even if you miss, will you land amongst the consumer?
A couple weeks ago, we took a look at how Foursquare is increasing social capital and spoke to the company directly to understand their thoughts as they evolve into an emerging... more
Is location-based monitoring the next wave in increasing social capital?
Is location-based monitoring via mobile devices really the next big thing? One could argue that the concept has already proven its appeal with 12,000 new users being added to the relatively novel... more
Foursquare inks plethora of major deals
Foursquare, the popular location-based social network, has just signed big-time deals with several major media companies. Foursquare has previously formed successful partnerships with Canadian... more
Vancouver man arrested for sexual assault aided by GPS app
The Vancouver Sun is reporting that there has been an arrest made in an August sexual assault.  The assault was facilitated by the mobile software Grindr an application that allows gay and... more
FourWhere for Foursquare
If you haven't used or even heard of the mobile location-based services such as Foursquare and Gowalla then you are in the minority. Such services, in case you don't know yet, are used to tell the... more
The Future of Foursquare?
On Wednesday, February 4th, Scott Stratten (@Unmarketing) presented to a jam-packed Refresh Events session as part of Social Media Week in Toronto (#SMWTO). At Function 13, Scott gave a passionate... more
Metro newspapers, Foursquare join forces
Earlier today Canadian free daily newspaper Metro News unveiled a content partnership with mobile check-in game Foursquare. As part of the partnership, Metro will add their location-specific... more
Who Will Sponsor Toronto’s Foursquare Addiction?
Foursquare, the popular mobile application that lets users check-in with the service on where they are in the real world, just announced today a partnership with Pepsi for foursquare New York. When... more
Foursquare launches in Montreal and Toronto
Foursquare announced today on their blog that they have added another round of cities to their service. This time around they've added 15 including two more in Canada to join Vancouver - Montreal... more
Foursquare King for a Week
Like any curious eight year old, when something gets popular I like to play with it, poke holes in it and see how it works. Foursquare launched in Vancouver a few weeks ago.  So I wanted to... more
6s Marketing's Chris Breikss at Foursquare launch party
6s Marketing President Chris Briekss spent a little time with Techvibes yesterday to give us the skinny on Foursquare, the social media/gaming phenomenon that arrived in Vancouver last night at the... more
6 Tips For Foursquare Virgins
As you're probably aware, if you're following Vancouver Twitter users, Foursquare launched in Vancouver today. We wanted to give some tips on etiquette to all you Foursquare virgins, we don't want... more
It's official! Foursquare is headed for Vancouver
The rumors are true, Foursquare is coming to Vancouver. Specifically, the mobile app that took the US by storm is set to drop on Raincity on September 9th at V Lounge in Yaletown (thanks in no... more

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