Free Geek Vancouver

Free Geek Vancouver

We take all computer equipment, FREE OF CHARGE, working or not, in any condition. More info on donating hardware.

Your old computer equipment goes directly into our volunteer programs. Even while it's being evaluated, people are learning to identify computer parts. Reuseable hardware furnishes computers for volunteers and non-profits. If your equipment has to be recycled, we'll do it as locally and sustainably as possible. Read about our Principles.

We also promote reuse by selling surplus equipment in our Computer Thrift Store.

Free Geek is a community-supported organisation that needs your help! If you like what we do, please consider making a cash donation if you can. Every little bit helps. More info on donating $ here.


News on Free Geek Vancouver

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Computer hardware production and disposal is one of the fastest growing threats to our environment. Since today is Earth Day and you're likely reading this on a computer, what can we do about it?... more
Geeks Free Used Hardware in Gastown
Jordan Behan of Vancouver's stealth startup Strutta is spearheading a Gastown hardware drive for Free Geek Vancouver. Next Friday, December 7th, the Hardware Drive truck will make the rounds... more

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