Fuel Industries

Fuel Industries

Fuel Industries is the intersection of advertising and entertainment - where enjoyment meets solid business strategy. We marry the best strategists and creatives with an army of in house experts in the fields of animation, design, film and video production, sound design, music and online programming.

As technology changes, people change with it. Reaching your customer is no longer as easy as airing a 30-second spot in primetime - it requires breaking through filters. That's where we come in. Starting from piercing insight and strategy, we create entertaining experiences around your brands that resonate with your audience and create lasting impressions.

We are the evolution of interactive marketing. We are branded entertainment evolved.

Fuel Industries was created in 1999 by four creative and technical partners who saw the potential of the web for marketing, and how that potential was still not realized. Headquartered out of Ottawa, Canada, where the company remains today, the four partners built the Fuel Industries team to ensure that they were leaders in technology and creativity.

Since then, Fuel's client list has grown to include some of the world's largest brands and most esteemed agencies. The company's portfolio has grown to include a full HD and film production division called Karbon Arc, and its sound design division, Fuel Sounds, and its team has grown to include the best talent from all over the world, all of them focused on evolving branded entertainment online and pushing the boundaries of the web to new limits.

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