FusionPipe Software Solutions

FusionPipe Software Solutions

FusionPipe is in the business of developing, deploying, licensing, marketing and selling mobile security solutions that allow users of smartphones, tablets, wearable accessories and ultra books to take advantage of advanced hyper-encryption and password-less 2nd Factor authentication to access, encrypt and control sensitive or highly confidential Enterprise data .

FusionPipe’s solutions address today’s data security concerns based around the rapid Enterprise adoption of cloud and mobile technologies. We have developed, and continue to develop, a suite of mobile software offerings that will position and differentiate us as a trusted and reliable source of consultation and security solutions for cloud and mobile platforms. We will continue to develop applications and rapid deployment methods, the core focus of which is the safety of intellectual property and trade secrets.

Our current technology solutions include QuikSafe™ KeyVault for iOS and Android and ThoriumCloud™ HE Container which overcomes the 'Bring Your Own Device’ BYOD data security problem by delivering a enterprise grade security solution for iPads and Android tablets. Overall, FusionPipe's solutions provide more advanced wireless encryption and multi-factor authentication technology suitable for sensitive data environments such as Healthcare, Financial Services and the Government.

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