Based in Portland, Oregon, GadgetTrak provides theft recovery and loss prevention solutions for mobile devices. Through our unique and patent-pending solutions we provide our customers proven technologies to recover their devices in the event they are lost or stolen. We continually collaborate and partner with technology leaders and law enforcement to improve our system and methods of recovery.


News on GadgetTrak

Dear Portland startups: You’re a rising star and you’re cool. Why not prove it at the Oregon Technology Awards?
No doubt, running a startup and being an entrepreneur is all about hard work. Heads down, rolled up sleeves, “eyes on the prize” hard work. It’s why you do what you do. But... more
Awards night in the Pacific Northwest means nods for GadgetTrak, Jive
I’m unofficially dubbing tonight “awards night” for the Pacific Northwest tech scene, given that we had two competing awards shows - Oregon Tech Awards and the Seattle 2.0 Awards... more
MacTrak Posts Your Laptop Thief Online
Last fall, six computers were stolen from Workspace Cafe in Gastown, a popular Vancouver coworking space that hosts numerous community events. With nothing to go on except a low-res security cam... more
Jama Software Wins Bend Venture Conference
Jama Software won the Bend Venture Conference on friday. They were part of the 5 companies which presented business pitches to the 250 people who went to the conference. Jama provides an webservice... more

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