General Bio Energy

General Bio Energy

General Bio Energy Inc. has solidified their position as an industry leader in the emerging renewable fuel and energy business in North America with a host of recent triumphs, including the launch of their MOPO Brand of fuels, fuel conditioners, and environmentally friendly canola based additives and lubricants such as chain lube, cutting oil, and penetrating fluids. hey have recently been featured in the Saskbusiness magazine, BNN, BBI, Ethanol Production, as well as several feature articles highlighting the success of the business and their ability to capture their market and emerge as a significant force in the bio-oil industry.

Every year, Canada consumes 40 billion litres of diesel fuel; world consumption is 700 billion litres. Diesel emissions contain high levels of oxides of nitrogen and sulphur, which contribute to air pollution and health problems.
There is a better way to fuel the engines of prosperity.

General Bio Energy’s mission is to turn oilseeds into fuel and products that formerly relied on petroleum - to use high efficiency “Green” facilities - and to spread that energy and manufacturing technology around the world. Our proven technology is in operation. Fuel and oil-based products are being created and sold today. General Bio Energy is investing in the rapid expansion of this energy source and in the significant manufacturing opportunities that are now being exploited.

General Bio Energy’s future involves oilseed crushing, processing, manufacturing facilities across the grain-growing regions of North America, Europe and eventually the world.


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