GestureLogic is the creator of LEO, the next generation of intelligent wearable fitness technology designed to help users optimize workouts and reduce the risk of injury.

Whether you’re an elite athlete, or just starting out, LEO gives you the knowledge you need to improve and stay healthy while maintaining an active lifestyle.

LEO is the only wearable device with true fitness intelligence, designed to help you optimize your workout and reduce your risk of injury. LEO integrates biosignal monitoring technology with the capabilities of all the best fitness wearables, measuring: muscle activity, fatigue, heart rate, lactic acid, hydration, calories, technique, and much more. LEO translates this complex bio-data into straightforward and actionable recommendations, and notifies you if something is amiss, all in real-time.

LEO’s Fitness Intelligence represents a revolution in fitness technology that is unmatched by other wearables.

1) Using intelligent sensing, LEO extracts complex biosignals directly from your body, providing an unparalleled level of insight into your physiology and performance.

2) Not everyone knows what to do with such complicated data, so LEO makes it easy with intelligent feedback. LEO refines this knowledge into simple recommendations and notifications for people of all skill levels, while still providing the raw numbers for detailed analysis.

3) True intelligence requires the ability to learn, and LEO lives up to that title with adaptive capabilities that improve with every workout.

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Startup GestureLogic Wants to Put Current Fitness Trackers to Shame with Advanced Wearable Tech
Hailing from Ottawa, the crowdfunded LEO is "the only wearable device with true fitness intelligence," claims the Canadian company. LEO integrates biosignal monitoring technology with the... more

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