Giftango is a team of experienced software development professionals who believe in taking a streamlined, industry-based approach to managing virtual gift card programs. We are dedicated to building simple, elegant virtual card management (VCM) solutions that help merchants manage VCM programs that their customers love. Our virtual card solutions are delivered in seconds and are redeemable online and/or across multiple, geographically dispersed retail locations.

Trusted by thousands of users and growing, Giftango customers represent a wide range of merchants across different industries. Even though each merchant is unique, a common thread exists. Our merchant customers are smart, innovative organizations that understand the value of virtual gift cards and count on us to deliver rapid system-wide integration, elegant ease of use coupled with the most fully-featured VCM platform available


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Twas the night before Venture Northwest: Giftango finds $1.4 million under the tree
Sometimes, you get to open gifts before the big day. Such is the case with Portland-based Giftango who—as they prepare to take the stage at Venture Northwest on Thursday—had Northwest... more

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