GiveMeaning exists to reduce the barriers separating people’s generosity from the problems that need attention, close to home and far away.


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Comparisons: Online Fundraising with DreamBank and GiveMeaning
As part of a series comparing startups with similar models, today we compare two online fundraising sites: GiveMeaning and DreamBank. Both are based out of Vancouver; DreamBank launched this last... more
Inaugural SustainabilityCamp Greens Toronto's Fall
Toronto's Wildfire Strategic Marketing announced today that SustainabilityCamp 2008 will be held on November 16th at the Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. SustainabilityCamp is an... more
Digital Media People to Watch in BC Update
The British Columbia Day Act states that the first Monday of August is a legal holiday to be observed as British Columbia Day. So I figured today was an appropriate time to... more
Digital Media People to Watch in BC in 2008
One of the benefits of blogging about technology in BC is the opportunity to meet and interact with innovative technology leaders and evangelists everyday. During 2007, we've had the... more

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