Glassbox TV

Glassbox TV

GlassBOX Television Inc. is being built to own and operate cross-platform digital broadcast and VOD channels. There is a twist. GlassBOX is run by a couple of veteran Internet guys who are focused on making use of new technologies to engage our audiences and to deliver our channels and content across the globe in innovative ways. GlassBOX operates out of a 17,000 square foot studio near Toronto, Canada, where we produce our own content with emerging artists… the up and coming stars (both on and off the screen) of comedy, music and short form entertainment.

Our first channel, BITE Television, is four years old and has played a key role in defining a new generation of multi-platform and interactive television services. The Emmy award-winning format for BITE TV is one we are building upon, investing in and looking to duplicate in our forthcoming multi-platform channels.

GlassBOX is committed to supporting new talent, developing great content and making the best use of new technologies to help drive audiences for our creator, carrier and advertiser partners.


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