Goal Holdings Corporation

Goal Holdings Corporation

Goal Holdings Group of Companies is a private investment company based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The group is operating its own subsidiaries as well as investing in and partnering with business ventures across various industries such as information and communications technology, digital media, telecommunications, business services, real estate, clean technology and health care.

The investments are either angel size investments with an average transaction size of $100,000 which is invested in earlier stage companies. Alternatively, the group also makes venture capital size investments with a minimum transaction size of $500,000 in companies that are further along in their development. Investments are made in the form of cash and/or infrastructure, resources and services.

Our partner companies must operate in line with our moral and ethical values. Goal Holdings’ competitive advantage is based on the fact that our investment partners first and foremost entrepreneurs and secondly financiers. As a result, we provide innovative tailor-made financial structures that minimize risk, and maximize return for all parties involved.

We are actively involved in pursuing high level business opportunities for our constituent companies and these are commonly exhibited in the form of joint venture, licensing, merger, acquisition and sale of business.

Future prospect

Goal Holdings is in talks with different public/private organizations in order to setup a business commercialization center as this both compliments the groups interest in commercial real estate as well as private equity investment.

The group is also seeking to open their investment funds to 2 new segments which are namely high net worth individuals with net worth of at least $50 million dollars as well as smaller retail investors who are able to make a minimum investment of $200,000.

Venture Capital

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