Whether searching for a new salon or a hot new restaurant to try, you'll find it on Goboz.com. A simple voting system allows you to instantly know what business is hot and what is not, while customer comments give you more detail.

What makes Goboz.com different than the other local search sites you've used? Well for starters, anyone can vote for a business...no registration required! Have a favorite coffee shop? Submit it to Goboz.com and it shows up instantly on the homepage for others to vote on! Finally, listings have all the information you'll need, like integrated maps and deals/discounts, without having to click through to other sites. But if you need more info, the business's web site is linked right there for easy access!

So come vote for your favorite hair salon or submit the local coffee shop. Next time you need a great French restaurant, we hope you try Goboz.com!


Portland, Oregon, United States