We are a merchandising service promoting contextually relevant product offers from leading retailers and driving express purchases at the point of offer on the host site.

Gogomo’s team has built leading merchandising and commerce services on both the web and mobile at companies including SBC (AT&T), Sprint, Impulse Buy! (Inktomi), InfoSpace, Zedo, Mobilitec (Alcatael/Lucent) and Microsoft.

Gogomo's patent-pending technology is designed to scale across thousands of retailers and millions of product in promoting contextual offers on hundreds of sites on the internet and mobile. On the front end, it has a simple user interface and an entirely new metaphor for express purchasing products from leading retailers on the host site. On the back-end, it's a highly distributed and scalable mechandising services infrastructure.


B235 - 2820 Northup Way
Bellevue, Washington, United States