GotVoice provides the only voice messaging service that works effortlessly with home, mobile and work phone systems to send, receive, and create voice messages from any computer or handset. Unlike services that require a new number or call forwarding, GotVoice does not require a change in consumer behavior. The service works with nearly all major mobile and home phone carriers to make voice messaging accessible whether a user is at home, work or traveling. GotVoice eliminates cumbersome phone interfaces and frees users do more with voicemail than they ever thought possible. The service does not replace or compete with current voice messaging offerings; instead, it enhances these systems by enabling consumers to access and create all voicemail messages in one location.


News on GotVoice

Jott Got Bought!
Or so we’ve thought. Seattle speech-to-text startup Jott is reported by TechFlash to have been sold, the announcement is expected as early as this week. The unknown buyer is apparently a... more

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