GreenPrint eliminates wasteful pages in any printout automatically, saving you time and money, and maybe more importantly, saving trees, reducing greenhouse gasses, and decreasing waste.

GreenPrint's patent-pending technology does this by analyzing each page of every document sent to the printer and looking for typical waste characteristics (like that last page with just a URL, banner ad, logo, or legal jargon).

GreenPrint also incorporates an easy to use PDF writer, a fantastic print preview called GreenView, and a reporting feature which keeps track of the number of pages and the amount of money you have saved.

Our product line includes two options for home users: Greenprint World, our free version of the software, and GreenPrint Home Premium. For companies of any size, GreenPrint's Enterprise Edition provides insight into waste reduction through a company wide printing overview, as well as tracking the number of trees saved and the CO2 reduction. It also provides an easy way to reuse paper that has already been printed on one side before recycling it.


News on GreenPrint

Mac Users can now print green with GreenPrint
Portland's GreenPrint Technologies recently announced that Mac users can now go green with GreenPrint's newly-designed Mac version of the paper-saving software. GreenPrint CEO Hayden Hamilton said... more

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