GridCentric Inc. is a technology-leading systems, networking, and virtualization software company. It is the mission of GridCentric to make high performance computing easy, without sacrificing performance and flexibility. GridCentric is a privately held corporation, and is funded in part by Rogers Ventures. GridCentric was recently named as one of the “Top 25 Canadian ICT Up and Comers” by the Branham Group. For more information, please visit


News on GridCentric

GridCentric releases Copper platform
GridCentric, a Toronto-based software company, is now making available Copper, a cluster management system for high performance computing workloads, to the marketplace.  According to their... more
GridCentric: Copper deployment at York University open to researchers
  Late last year we featured a conversation with GridCentric CEO Tim Smith.  Earlier today we had the privilege of Tim filling us in on their latest development involving Yok University.... more
GridCentric - simplifying cluster management
There are many cool companies and people in the Toronto area.  Tim Smith of GridCentric is one of those people and companies.  GridCentric was founded in April, 2009 in Toronto, Ontario.... more
Rogers Ventures launches today as a new source of early-stage and seed investment for technology start-ups
Led by Melinda Rogers, Rogers Ventures is a new source of early stage seed level investment for technology start-ups. They find great talent with powerful ideas and invest in their business... more

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