Groovle - Your GROOVY Google Homepage - was created so people can customize their Internet homepage with images ranging from favorite celebrities or sports teams to more personal images of friends and family etc.

Users of Groovle can either:

1. Browse the directory of custom homepages that we have created and choose from celebrities, sports teams, animals and more!
2. Create a personal homepage using their own photos/images. Users simply select the file from their computer, upload the image, and the custom homepage is created.

Now instead of the lacklustre homepage people are accustom to, Groovle gives users the option to add some GROOVE to their homepage.

Groovle is powered by Google™, the most relevant search engine in the world. Users will not only have a unique homepage but also benefit from the best search results from the world's largest search engine.


News on Groovle

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada