Launched in November 2008, Groupon features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in a variety of cities across the United States. We have about 200 wonderful people working in our Chicago office (a handful of whom you can see to your right), along with a smattering of people in Groupon's other cities.

Our company philosophy is pretty simple: we treat our customers the way we like to be treated. That boils down to a few key things:

We sell stuff we want to buy. A great price is only half the battle - it's also got to be a great product or service. Between our top-rated business partners and unbeatable prices, you should feel comfortable venturing out and trying something new - just because it's featured on Groupon. We want Groupon to be an addiction you can feel good about.

No BS. We really want you to love Groupon. "Gotchas" and buried conditions that sour the experience are a terrible way to accomplish that goal. We want each Groupon purchase to feel too good to be true, from the moment you buy to the day you use it. If there's anything unusual about a deal (e.g. an inconvenient location), we go out of our way to point it out.

Unbelievable customer service. Like you, we've suffered through hour-long "transfer-athons" with customer service departments, or waited days for an email reply to to a simple question. If you contact us, we'll do what it takes to make things right - and we'll do it fast. Email us, or speak with a human (during normal business hours): (877) 788-7858

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Rajen Ruparell's Journey from Entrepreneur to Investor
Rajen Ruparell, the Calgary-born entrepreneur best known for founding Citydeal in Europe, which was later bought by Groupon, is already finding much success in his latest investment, Endy. The... more
Groupon Launches 'Snap' Following Acquisition of Canadian App
Snap by Groupon has launched in Canada. Snap pays people cash for buying featured grocery items each week such as milk, bread, diapers, etc. at any supermarket or retailer in the United States... more
Groupon Acquires Canadian Couponing App
Toronto mobile cash back and couponing app SnapSaves has been acquired by Groupon for an undisclosed sum. Launched less than one year ago, SnapSaves was the first mobile app launched by daily... more
Groupon Head of Global Sales Gives Advice to Hometown at Inaugural Startup Grind
Startup Calgary just concluded its inaugural Startup Grind with its newest advisory board member, Rajen Ruparell, the Head of Global Sales at Groupon. If you’re unfamiliar, Startup Grind... more
Andrew Mason No Longer the CEO of Groupon
Groupon shares plummeted 25% this week when the company reported worse-than-expected quarterly earnings. Today the stock has rallied 8%. Why the sudden turnaround? Andrew Mason, the company's... more
Groupon is Now Worth Only One-Third of What Google Offered to Buy it for
In 2010, rumours swirled that Google was looking to buy Groupon for $2 to $3 billion. Late in the year, it happened—only Google offered a shocking $6 billion. More shocking, however, was... more
Start with a Cofounder. The Idea is Optional
If you ask any venture capitalist or angel investor what they look for in companies they invest in, odds are that the top answer will be “the team." There’s no doubt that they also... more
Groupon Employees Continue to Feel Heat and Prep Their Resumes
According to a report in the Wall Street Journal today, Groupon continues to have a tough time keeping its salespeople happy. The Journal, citing sources, reports that increasing numbers of... more
The Mobile Apps Online Shoppers Love the Most
As we've noted recently, m-commerce is really taking off on mobile devices. Now research firm Nielsen has tracked the most-used shopping apps for smartphones in June based on their unique audience... more
Top Hat Monocle Poaches Groupon's Salespeople, Groupon Fires Off Legal Warning
Toronto-based startup Top Hat Monocle just raised $8 million. Part of that money is going toward a hiring binge that others aren't too happy with. Instead of taking resumes the old fashioned way,... more
Lockup Expires, Groupon Sinks to New Low
The lockup expired today from Groupon's November IPO. And boy, is it obvious. The daily deals giant sank 10%, falling well below $10 to a new low. The Wall Street Journal reported that the volume... more
Canadian Startup Reflects on Being Acquired by Groupon
Last September Techvibes reported that Groupon had acquired a Vancouver startup. At the time we didn't have any details on the transaction but our source ended up being correct. Groupon announced... more
Groupon Puts Canadian Technology to Work with Launch of Groupon Scheduler
Yesterday, Groupon announced that a free beta version of Groupon Scheduler is now available to all appointment-based small businesses in the US and Canada (excluding Quebec). Groupon... more
Canadian-founded Uptake acquired by Groupon
Silicon Valley based Travel search engine Uptake was acquired by Groupon yesterday. AllThingsD reported that Uptake had been acquired by for something in the “teens of millions”... more
Groupon Stock Continues Downward Slide
Last week, Groupon issued its first quarterly financial report as a public company. Investors didn't like what they saw—slowing growth and an inability to profit—and the stock dropped a... more
Six in Ten Groupon users likely to revisit a retailer without a coupon
Online group coupons are becoming a hot marketing tool for businesses– but do they actually work to build loyalty? According to a recent issue of the Ipsos Canadian Inter@ctive Reid... more
Apple Stock Rises to New High as Zynga Stock Sinks to New Low
The global stock market has been considerably volatile for several months now following a short-lived recovery after the Great Recession. Tech stocks have been no exception to the rule: even... more
Groupon Woes Continue
Christmas should have been a boon for Groupon. It wasn't. Daily deal aggregator Yipit recently estimated that billings—gross revenue before splitting cash with merchants—at Groupon... more
Groupon? Non merci! In Quebec, It's All About Tuango
Groupon is the biggest of them all, but not in every region. While Andrew Mason's Chicago giant may rule the roost in America and most of Canada, homegrown competitors are giving the company a run... more
Groupon acquires Vancouver tech company to add Scheduler to mix
In September Techvibes reported that Groupon had acquired a Vancouver company but at the time could not confirm details. Multiple independent sources had told us that a Groupon acquistion of a... more
Andrew Mason's Billionaire Status Vanishes in Less Than a Month as Groupon Valuation Drops by $9 Billion
Groupon's successful IPO made founder and CEO Andrew Mason (and a couple others deeply involved in the company) a billionaire. Now, less than a month later, that prestigious status has rapidly... more
Groupon's Market Debut Fizzles as IPO Gains Are Erased by Sinking Stock
Well, that was fast. After a fairly impressive market debut, Groupon's share price—following a bout of extreme shorting—has sunk to its opening price of $20. This is unlike the other... more
Least Loved Deal Website: Positive Public Perception of Groupon Plunges From 95% to 62% in 8 Months
Groupon's been performing decently on the stock market since its debut—despite extreme shorting—but the public perception of the company continues to slowly erode. Amplicate, a social... more
Groupon Shares Soar on Public Debut
Today, the world's largest daily deals site, Groupon, went public. Debuting at $20 per share, the price quickly approached $30—a 50% skyrocket. Impressive, but the GRPN opening still pales... more
Foursquare: Groupon is only 'version 1.0' of the daily deals model
Groupon is by far the biggest daily deals company around. The emerging space it occupies is already crowded with carbon copies, though, so how are the successful ones going to stand out from... more
Groupon’s G-Team Boosts Canadian Presence With Two New Markets
Groupon announced this week that it is expanding its G-Team philanthropic arm to Canada with launches in Vancouver and Abbotsford, B.C. Groupon was born out of collective action and fundraising... more
Groupon to acquire Canadian company
Groupon is international thanks to strategically acquiring deal-of-the-day services similar to it and rebranding them under the Groupon flag. Acquistions to date have included Europe's MyCityDeal,... more
Marketshare, marketshare, marketshare: Groupon's ambition was blind to the legal necessities [Video]
In August, it was revealed that Groupon vouchers are technically illegal throughout Canada and in some states in America. Of course, dozens of would-be competitors have since followed in Groupon's... more
Not only is Groupon expensive for merchants, it also damages their reputation: Study
New research conducted by John Byers and Georgia Zervas from Boston University and Michael Mitzenmacher from Harvard University reveals a fascinating downside to merchants running group buying... more
Despite profit issues, legal controversy, and a crowded space, Groupon grows revenue and marketshare
Groupon has postponed its IPO. It's bleeding red ink. Oh, and it's illegal, too. Despite all this, the pioneering daily deals site is still growing its revenue and marketshare. The company... more
Groupon to postpone IPO, sources say. Is it because of the volatile market or Groupon's personal woes?
Daily deals startup Groupon is going to postpone its IPO, according to anonymous sources, the Wall Street Journal reports. The company's management decided that the stock market's ongoing... more
Under Investigation: Groupon, all this time, has been illegal in Alberta
Daily deals giant Groupon, already mired in finance- and reputation-based controvsery, is now under investigation by the Alberta government. Why? Because it's illegal there! Provincial... more
Groupon reveals staggering lack of profitability in revised IPO; only 1 in 5 subscribers actually buy stuff
Groupon filed its IPO in early June. Critics quickly lashed out over the company's questionable use of a very nonstandard accounting metric, "adjusted consolidated segment operating income," which... more
Amazon launches Local, the first real threat to Groupon's throne
Sitting smugly on the dais despite crowding competition, Groupon's crown—while heavy—is nonetheless secure upon the Chicago company's head. For now. Forbes dubbing the Groupon "the... more
TorStar Digital and WagJag pour it on, could easily top Groupon in Mobile
While this great article covers the scope of the Canadian Daily Deal industry, TorStar Digital’s Candice Faktor had many interesting things to say at the recent CrossmediaTO event last week... more
Canadian Daily Deal industry boasts strong summer numbers [infographic]
The Canadian daily deal industry is alive and well. Over 50 separate daily deal sites are offering Canadians “50% - 90% off” everything from restaurants to skydiving – and that... more
Groupon controversy heightens as company alters privacy policy to track more customer data
Groupon recently updated its ToS and privacy statement. The changes reflect new ways in how the company intends to collect and share consumer data. There are two changes worth paying attention to.... more
Groupon is leading us into the next tech bubble - but it may just implode on its own before then
One must wonder how often Groupon CEO Andrew Mason regrets turning down Google's generous $6-billion buyout offer. After all, that was a secure, stable, surefire way to get really rich, really... more
Groupon files for IPO. Financials reveal bleeding red ink. Is the next great tech bubble forming?
Earlier today Mashable reported breaking news that Groupon has filed for a $750-million IPO, not long after LinkedIn's wildly successful public debut last month. Unwritten by Morgan Stanley,... more
Coping With The Copious Amount of Daily Deals, Daily!
Group buying and Deal of the Day purchases are blazing a fast trail to the predicted 4 billion dollar market that this ecosystem is estimated to be worth. The latest players to enter the arena... more
Toronto's AdParlor to exclusively manage Groupon's ads on Facebook
Last month Groupon signed an exclusive agreement with Toronto's AdParlor to have them manage their entire advertising spend on Facebook. Significant news for a Canadian startup with only 13... more
Is Groupon worth $5 billion or $25 billion?
It's been rumoured by inside sources that Groupon is preparing for an initial public offering by the end of this year - in fact, as soon as this spring. The valuation was initially pegged at around... more
Groupon and FTD think their $^#@! deal smells like roses
Roses are red, violets are blue; doodoo sure stinks, and Groupon does too. That little ditty might become the new tune of jilted Groupon users who bought today’s deal, available all across... more
Groupon refused to let Google buy it – so now Google has made its own Groupon. Can it succeed?
I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. It didn't begin long ago; around early December of last year, rumours began churning that Google wouldn't attempt to buy Groupon. Shortly after, it did,... more
Groupon poised to raise biggest round of equity in 15 years
The board of directors for Groupon, the world's largest group-buying site, has authorized the company to raise upward of $1 billion. This round of equity, for what Forbes called the... more
The man who turned down billions: Groupon's Eric Lefkofksy
Following a hurricane of rumours that Google was trying to buy Groupon for $2 to $3 billion in a landmark acquisition, a surprising thing happened: Google actually did offer to buy Groupon - for... more
Why making a daily deal website is harder than it looks
In the beginning, there was Groupon. Then, LivingSocial. Now, there are over 130 websites offering daily deals with huge discounts. If you’ve noticed that there seem to be more daily deal... more
Groupon's purchase by Google for $2.5 billion just a rumour, apparently
Is the will-they-or-won’t-they saga of Google buying Groupon over? is reporting that it is: Groupon has been bought by Google for $2.5 billion. From Vator: Google has just... more
How many multi billion-dollar companies need to buy this for the savings to work?
Hilarious find on Techcrunch today; if you haven’t seen this yet, prepare to be blown away by the savings: It’s like you’re losing money by not buying it! Another good find by... more
Reports: Google to purchase Groupon before 2010 is out
The New York Post reported yesterday that Google is close to purchasing social buying innovator Groupon, for between $2.5–3 billion. From The Post: “It will probably happen in the... more
News in Short: Digg loses and slashes staff (big time); Facebook/Groupon/Zynga investor readies for IPO readies for big IPO Group is a Russia-based company that has a 2.4 percent stake in Facebook ($30B+ valuation), 1.5 percent in Zynga ($100M+ annual revenue), and 5 percent in... more
News in Short: Groupon partners with Ebay; Windows announces details for Windows 8 OS
Groupon partners with Ebay Groupon, famously touted on a Forbes magazine cover as the fastest-growing company of all time, has partnered with another venerable internet beast, Ebay.  The... more
Techvibes TV: Groupon CEO Andrew Mason at the GROW 2010 Conference
The GROW 2010 technology conference took place last week at the Vancouver Convention Center, and Techvibes was on location with an on-site studio conducting video interviews with a... more
Groupon now offering deals in Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa
Groupon's North America wide deal with the Gap last week overshadowed that announcement that they launched in six new cities including three more in Canada: Calgary, Edmonton, and Ottawa. Using... more
Groupon Founder to discuss Gap deal in Vancouver
Tomorrow at the GROW Conference in Vancouver, Kara Swisher of the Wall Street Journal will be interviewing Groupon Founder and CEO Andrew Mason on "building a $1.35B company in under 2 years". The... more
GROW Conference adds speakers including Groupon Founder
Dealmaker Media - the folks behind the Under the Radar series of events - are coming to Canada and hosting the GROW Conference in Vancouver on August 19th - 21st. GROW 2010 is a technology... more is latest in online coupon sites
With the successful April launch of Groupon in Vancouver the city is getting another collective buying-bargain-coupon-website in  How the deals work is that the site owner... more
Groupon launches inaugural deal in Vancouver
After all the hype and the a local online advertising campaign to go with it, Groupon is live in Vancouver. For our inaugural deal, $20 gets you $40 worth of food and drink at A Kettle... more
Groupon launches in Toronto, Vancouver next
Chicago's Groupon, the shopping site that combines social media with online coupons, announced today that they have launched in Toronto. Groupon negotiates deals with businesses and then alerts... more

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