Guarana Technologies

Guarana Technologies

Guarana Technologies is a mobile development agency based in Montreal and Toronto since 2011. We develop successful mobile apps for startups and larger companies.

Guarana Technologies specializes in iPhone and Android app development. What makes us unique among mobile app development companies? Our ability to handle a project from your idea to an amazing mobile app! We help you to draft it, make it smart, make it sexy, and to launch it.

We analyze and guide you on the best feature set, the most efficient user-flow, and the core business aspects to build your mobile application success.

We craft amazing flat design for your mobile application! Let’s make it sexy and memorable.

We develop with native languages your application on iOS and Android.
Objective-C, Swift, and Java are our favorite languages.

App Developers

301 - 65 Rue Ontario Ouest
Montréal, Québec, Canada