Web 2.0 and social networks have reinvigorated an old truth: It's all about people. Whether it's your customers, your employees, or your partners - making your business work is about enabling people to work together. At HiveLive, our goal is to bring your company the power of community: business that's smarter, faster, richer, better.

HiveLive's on-demand software enables companies to rapidly deploy custom-fit enterprise communities built around people, their relationships, and their shared knowledge. The foundation of our patent pending technology is a new Web 2.0 building block (called a Hive) that can be easily configured to function as a wide range of community applications (blogs, wikis, forums, FAQs, and more). With our platform, companies can connect to three community solutions:

  • Customer Communities...that increase brand loyalty
  • Employee Communities...that increase organizational intelligence and innovation
  • Partner Communities...that align goals and increase revenue


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