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Hothead Games was founded in 2006 to make kick-ass downloadable games. In 2011, Hothead decided to go “mobile” or go bust. The good news is we’re still in business and are more successful than ever. Lately in addition to Apple and Google, we are now working with big-hitters like Major League Baseball (MLB) and The National Hockey League® (NHL®) to create and publish great games exclusively for mobile users.

Hothead’s award-winning and growing game catalogue has already earned us legions of fans around the world. Our Big Win Sports series — (Big Win Football, Big Win Baseball, Big Win Basketball, Big Win Soccer, Big Win Hockey and Big Win Racing), our licensed Sports series – (Big Win MLB and Big Win NHL) and finally our military themed RAW series – (Rivals at War and RAW 2084) have been downloaded one hundred million times. And we’re just getting started. We plan to keep winning over more loyal fans, building more platform-pushing technology and delivering more big entertainment for little screens everywhere.

Join us, either as a fan or a future employee, and follow our journey as we continue to release original and fun and ridiculously awesome games for the entire world to enjoy.


Job Opportunities at Hothead Games

Unity Programmer
Hothead Games is looking for a talented Unity programmer who is passionate about making great games! Can you function as a part of a small, collaborative team making games for the iOS and Android... more

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