The world’s largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure at the convergence of the cloud and connectivity, creating seamless, secure, context-aware experiences for a connected world.


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Open Text Buys HP Software for $170 Million
Open Text has bought a suite of HP software assets for $170 million (USD). The cash deal sees the Canadian tech titan take ownership of HP TeamSite, HP MediaBin, HP Qfiniti, HP Explore, HP... more
HP Hires New Managing Director of Canada
HP this week announced that it has a new managing director for Canadian operations. Mary Ann Yule will be appointed Managing Director of HP Canada effected February 15. Yule will be responsible... more
Four Big Data Predictions for 2016
Big data was a major tech topic this year and poised to be an even bigger on in 2016. What are the big, critical business benefits that big data analytics will deliver in 2016? Lewis Carr, Senior... more
The Cost of Cyber Crime Keeps Climbing
HP this week unveiled the results from its sixth annual study in partnership with the Ponemon Institute. The report details the economic impact of cyber attacks across both the private and public... more
Marrying Data to Analytics a Major Theme at HP's Latest Conference
This week, HP held their Big Data Conference in Boston, bringing domain experts, customers, and HP executives together to discuss trends in big data, analytics, and the new products and... more
HP Announces Haven Startup Accelerator
At the HP Big Data Conference in Boston this week, HP announced the HP Haven Startup Accelerator program, seeking to provide early-stage companies with affordable access to HP Big Data and... more
HP Acquires Stackato Business from ActiveState to Enhance Helion Platform
HP has acquired ActiveState Software Stackato business, an enterprise-ready platform-as-a-service solution with Cloud Foundry at its core. Vancouver-based ActiveState is a provider of open source... more
That Awkward Moment When Home Security Actually Makes Your House More Vulnerable
The Internet of Things still has a lot of holes. As a result, home security systems—well, they just aren't very secure, ironically enough. As many as 25 billion devices could be connected... more
The Danger of Smartwatches Lies in Their Relative Lack of Security
Now that Apple is on the scene, the global smartwatch market has quadrupled in size. Which has also quadrupled the number of people walking around with vulnerable devices. The potential lack of... more
Ford, HP Use Coffee Shops, Big Data to Better Manage Fleets
Ford Motor Company engineers have completed a real-world driving experiment with HP, discovering which commuting commonalities could provide future breakthroughs for better managing fleets,... more
For HP, It's Disrupt or Get Disrupted
I overhear two men talking in the elevator. We need to create a sense of urgency, one says. “But how do you turn the whole company around overnight?” the other asks. It’s a... more
Dangerous Internet of Things: Are 'Smart Homes' Exposing Canadians to New Security Risks?
This week HP released a research report on connected home security systems that suggests the emerging "smart home" trend could be putting consumers at higher security risks. The HP Fortify... more
Taking Business Mobility Seriously, HP Starts Carving Niches with Industry-Specific Tablets
Tablets are more portable than laptops or desktops but more capable than smartphones. This hybrid approach has made them an ideal companion for most anyone, from business travellers to doctors to... more
Companies Eager to Show Off New Phones, Tablets Ahead of Shopping Season
Expect bigger phones and bigger tablets—along with accessories for those devices—to be some of the, well, biggest products this holiday season. Christmas may still be months away,... more
HP's JetAdvantage Brand Improves Data Security to Help Printing Thrive in Digital Environment
HP is shifting the focus of its printing business to data security and protection as the tech company aims to enable printers to thrive in an increasingly digital environment. For decades,... more
HP Brings Atalla Security Solutions to Cloud, Announces Breakthrough in Encryption
Companies spend so much money, year after year, on security. And it never gets better. Except that is not true—it's constantly getting better. But so are hackers. As security spending rises,... more
HP Unveils Apollo, a Supercomputer System Built to 'Reset Data Centre Expectations'
At Discover HP in Las Vegas, HP announced the Apollo family of high-performance computing systems. HP says the systems will "reset data centre expectations" by delivering four times the... more
HP to Cut 16,000 Jobs as Computer Maker Looks to Reinvent Business
Hewlett-Packard is planning to cut up to 16,000 jobs under the leadership of CEO Meg Whitman as she, not unlike BlackBerry, looks to turn around the company over the next couple of years. Some of... more
HP Closes the Loop, Turning Plastic Bottles and Clothes Hangers into New Ink Cartridges
The printer industry has never been known for being green. After all, it's a business based on machines that print ink on billions of pieces of paper using tiny single-use plastic cartridges.... more
HP Unveils 'Convertible' PC with 360-degree Range of Motion
HP this week revealed the HP Pavilion x360, a "convertible PC" with a 360-degree hinge. The highly flexible laptophas to be seen to be believed: the PC can be used as a regular laptop, or can be... more
Salesforce and HP Announce Strategic Cloud Partnership
Customer relationship management platform Salesforce and HP this week announced a strategic partnership in cloud computing. Salesforce and HP plan to create what they call a "Salesforce... more
HP Print Tech Day Proves Printing Industry Still Innovating, Adapting to Technology
I haven't owned a household printer for several years. If I need to copy, scan, or print something, I'll use the printer in the office—or, for something more specialized, a print shop.... more
HP Unveils Six New Tablets Powered by Windows and Android
HP today unveiled six new tablets to compete with the likes of Apple iPads and Samsung Galaxy Tabs. The company's imminent lineup of Android- and Windows-powered Slate tablets includes the... more
HP Launches the ZBook 15, the World's First Ultrabook Workstation
Although Apple stole the spotlight with the launch of two new iPhones today, other technology companies are releasing innovative new hardware as well. HP, already the leader in professional... more
HP Launches HAVEn, a Platform Built to Conquer Big Data
Big data is a big benefit to those who can harness it, and a big problem to those who can't. HP this week unveiled HAVEn, a platform it promises will help business conquer big data. HAVEn is... more
HP Believes Desktops Will Stick Around for a Long, Long Time. Here's Why
The desktop is dead, naysayers roar. But, as technology pundits have become infamous for doing, the grave has been dug too soon. To hear it from HP, the desktop space is a great market to be in,... more
HP Says WebOS Will Be Open Source This Fall; Rolls Out Developer Tools in Advance
HP is officially making webOS an open-source platform. The computer company has announced that webOS—last seen on the now-defunct TouchPad tablet—will be open source by this... more
And the WINNER of a Pavilion DV6 notebook from HP is…
One of the prizes in our 12 Days of Xmas giveaway is a Pavilion DV6 notebook from HP. The winner of this HP notebook is… Gayle Bellemare! Congratulations. Look out for an email from... more
WebOS: I'm Not Dead Yet! (Or Am I?)
Rumours of webOS' demise may indeed be accurate—but just how accurate is anybody’s guess. HP has become the king of mixed messages as it tries to sort out the last days of Nero’s... more
HP pulls a Netflix, decides to keep its PC business after all
New CEO, new plan. Or rather, old plan. Just resurrected. Indeed, HP announced that it has reversed course—it's no longer going to sell off its PC division, as originally announced in... more
HP CEO leaves with $13 million despite dropping company's value by $40 billion in under a year
I guesss it doesn't really matter how you perform as a CEO these days. HP CEO Leo Apotheker was recently fired after less than a year on the job. Yet despite his detrimental underperformance and... more
HP's board wants to fire CEO after less than a year on the job; shares rise on speculation
Killing off hardware as the world's biggest PC business and abruptly pivoting to an enterprise software company is a bold, bold strategy. One that, for HP, hasn't been going over too smoothly.... more
Following TouchPad's death, HP to lay off over 500 workers
With the TouchPad dead and HP as a whole poised to shift its focus, job security is thin as air for staff employed in the webOS division. All Things Digital has reported that HP intends to... more
Touch a Touchpad and HP will donate up to $100,000 to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada
HP Canada is looking to donate up to $100,000 this summer to the Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada. But they don't want your money. In tune with the Touchpad's "Works like nothing else" slogan, HP... more
The HP TouchPad is now available across Canada
Today, the HP's Touchpad is available at retailers across Canada, including the exclusive Vancouver HP Store. The WebOS-based tablet has a 10-inch display, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, and 1.3... more
HP's all-new webOS Touchpad: Not a home run, but surprisingly good. #touchpadvan
Last night I had the privilege of being one of a select few bloggers to attend an event in HP's first and only Canadian retail store. The cozy nook on Alberni Street in downtown Vancouver was... more
5 amazing tech gifts that will make your friends and family love you (even more) - and you can get them all for free
This holiday season, it's all about the technology. Smartphones, tablets, computers, and related accessories are flying off the shelves and being placed under Christmas trees across North America.... more
2010 was the year of the iPad. Who will disrupt the tablet market in 2011?
The future of tablets isn't clear cut and that's a common sentiment amongst the major recent players whom have emerged with competing technologies. A space that was in 2010 dominated by the... more
HP names former SAP chief as new CEO
In an effort to close the book on the Mark Hurd saga, HP announced the appointment of Léo Apotheker as the company's eighth President and Chief Executive Officer yesterday. Apotheker... more
IBM CEO takes shots at HP
The notoriously quiet and conservative chief executive of IBM, Samuel Palmisano, stepped into the limelight for a few moments Tuesday and provided some interesting thoughts at the Wall Street... more
HP's in the news again... announces acquisition of ArcSight
HP announced this morning that they have signed a definitive agreement to acquire ArcSight, a leading security and compliance management company, for US$43.50 per share, making the deal worth... more
HP files lawsuit against ex-CEO over Oracle Hiring
HP has announced that it is suing its ex-CEO, Mark Hurd, for potential leakage of trade secrets to Oracle. The civil complaint was filed in California Superior Court today.   Here... more
Controversial ex-HP CEO Mark Hurd quickly rebounds as co-pres of Oracle
Just one month after the storied Mark Hurd resigned from Hewlett-Packard, he's now the co-president of Oracle. Mark was neck-high in murky waters over allegations some rather improper business... more
Dell throws in the towel on bidding war with HP for 3Par
Late last week I put together a post that outlined the ongoing saga between Dell and HP and their battle to acquire 3Par, a leading provider of utility storage, a category of highly virtualized and... more
Dell and HP continue slug it out for 3Par
On August 16, 2010, Dell announced that it had signed an agreement to acquire 3PAR, a leading global provider of highly-virtualized storage solutions with advanced data management features,... more
News in Short: Apple exec leaves in wake of iPhone problems; HP CEO resigns in wake of sexual harassment allegations
Apple exec leaves in wake of iPhone problems Mark Papermaster is leaving Apple. Whether the leave is voluntary or not remains to be confirmed, but considering Mark was responsible for iPhone... more

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