i-Koe Business Animation

i-Koe Business Animation

i-Koe Business Animation will effectively enhance your Web site, opt-in emails, newsletters, online RSVP notices and other media presentations — experience the Emotion in Motion! Completely comprehensive, informative and entertaining Biz2Biz multimedia i-Commercials — developing hi-fidelity solutions to exceed online business objectives in Web marketing and advertising.

i-Koe Business Animation provides all businesses with leading edge advertising and succinct web marketing through vibrant, informative and entertaining Rich Media. Our i-Commercials® (known to many as eMercials or Webmercials) offer bright colours, very sharp resolution, recognized broadcast personalities (male, female and children) and dramatic music. The secret to a successful i-Commercial® is to keep the marketing message clear and concise. Most of them run for between 45 seconds and 3 minutes in duration.

Rich Media, formerly known as Multimedia, incorporates audio, video, 2D and 3D animation, photographic and computer drawn images, dynamic text and the availability of remote content updates.

i-Koe Business Animation has provided i-Commercials® to a broad spectrum of clients including: coffee shops; cosmetic dentistry practices in Beverly Hills; General Motors; Victoria hotels and Cruise Ship lines; and medical equipment sales. The common need of all clients is to have their Web site visitors stay long enough to develop an interest in the proposed item being offered. Apparently, attention spans dwindle very quickly online - so, users just aren't reading the amount of text that they use to read. i-Koe Business Animation's clients have found i-Commercials® to be more entertaining, enlightening and provide provocative information. To ensure effectiveness, i-Koe Business Animation recommends absolutely no fluff and no gratuitous imagery, maintaining focus on the message.

i-Commercials® are developed to cross many different distribution venues including: trade shows; web sites; opt-in e-mail campaigns, CD and DVDs, mall kiosks and stand alone applications - all for the single cost of the initial i-Commercial® application.

i-Koe Business Animation's principle owner and Creative Director spent 20 years in medicine, where he first became interested in the use of animation to illustrate the processes of pathology in tissues and organs. This, combined with his life long interest in art and an attention to detail, fostered his ability to see beyond the usual and conceive unique and effective answers.

i-Koe Business Animation enjoys working within the community on the Peninsula and sharing services with other community professionals for the benefit of all. i-Koe Business Animation's company slogan is: "i-Commercials® with an i for detail!".

Phone: 250-812-5191; Location: 2255 Frost Ave, Sidney B.C. V8L 1P7; Email: michael.i-koe@shaw.ca and www.i-koe.com.

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2255 Frost Ave.
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