Ideavibes is focused on helping organizations such as cities and brands use crowdsourcing to engage with their customer, partners and prospects for generating ideas, solving problems and funding projects.

The Ideavibes Crowd Engagement Platform is a white label solution that can be deployed in a variety of ways as part of an engagement or open innovation strategy (ie. on a corporate intranet, website, or as part of a destination website for a particular community) and would be connected to the social media activities of the organization to tap into the collective power of community.

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News on Ideavibes

Canadian Startup Ideavibes Builds Dream Team, Sets Sights on Market Leadership
Ottawa-based startup Ideavibes has built what it describes as a "dream team" to relaunch its crowdsourcing platform. Ideavibes has brought on board Rob Woodbridge as Interim General Manager, Ian... more
69% of Canadian Entrepreneurs Have Considered Using Crowdfunding for Their Startups
Ideavibes founder Paul Dombowsky and Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance CEO John Reid today released the results of a survey they collaborated on to understand Canadians’ attitudes towards... more
Ideavibes and TheTop10 Move into Invest Ottawa's New Incubator
Ideavibes and TheTop10 have moved into Invest Ottawa's new startup incubator at 80 Aberdeen in Little Italy. Invest Ottawa is new itself as well, having just recently done a complete rebrand. It... more
Ideavibes helps City of Ottawa reach out to citizens through its Crowd Engagement Platform
The City of Ottawa released results last week from their “Have a Say” campaign which was made possible through a partnership with Ottawa-based startup Ideavibes (not associated... more
Ottawa's Ideavibes partners with Mexico to launch Spanish version of its Crowd Engagement Platform
Ottawa's Ideavibes has announced that Expansion Bridge Mexico will be joining them as an Integration Partner for the Ideavibes Engagement Platform. Expansion Bridge will focus on capacity building... more
IdeaVibes crowdsourcing engine officially launched
Billing itself as “providing flexible and affordable crowdsourcing solutions for corporations, non-profits and governments,” IdeaVibes, a new Ottawa-based crowdsourcing engine launched... more

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