Impact Entrepreneurship Group

Impact Entrepreneurship Group

Impact's goal is to create the next generation of entrepreneurs and help young entrepreneurs realize their true potential. Impact connects people, knowledge and ideas, recognizing success and providing inspiration to leaders at every stage of their development.

The Impact Entrepreneurship Group is Canada's largest non-profit, student-run organization dedicated to encouraging the entrepreneurial spirit amongst youth in Canada and becoming a starting point and catalyst for youth interested in entrepreneurship and leadership. Since 2004, Impact has developed programs both at the national and local level that reach over 100 000 young people each year. Consisting of over 100 student volunteers nationwide, Impact is dedicated to driving the entrepreneurial spirit.


News on Impact Entrepreneurship Group

Polar Mobile and Impact Founder Kunal Gupta Hosts the Inaugural Impact Circle
Last week was a busy one for Toronto startup Polar Mobile. On Monday, they played host to DevTO  16. On Thursday, Polar entertained another group of guests. The Impact Entrepreneurship Group,... more
Upcoming FuEL Awards Offer a Press Opportunity for All Startups and Entrepreneurs
A friend of mine once pointed out to me that many startups not affiliated with incubators, accelerators, or venture capitalists don’t get the press exposure that they need. I admitted that I... more
Impact Apprentice
This past week saw 32 of Canada's brightest students participate in Impact Apprentice in Toronto.  Impact Apprentice, created with Donald Trump's popular Apprentice in mind, is a hands-on... more
I Am My Ambition launches nationally, today!
Tonight, marks the launch of the I Am My Ambition (IAMA) campaign produced under the Impact Organization brand. With the goal to act as a differentiator between the already successful leaders and... more
The Need to Tell a Story: An exclusive look inside Oleg Kostour's 'I am My Ambition' campaign
Knowledge is useless if you choose not to have the courage to act on it. These words ring through Oleg Kostour's ears. They're the words of a past mentor of his, and they resonate with him... more
IMPACT launches 'I Am My Ambition,' aiming to reawaken the entrepreneurial spirit
What's your ambition? If you're an entrepreneur, Impact believes it's probably yourself. And the organization seeks to reaffirm this with it's online video series, "I Am My Ambition." Impact,... more
Polar Mobile's Kunal Gupta on Impact
We've spoken to Kunal Gupta, CEO of Polar Mobile, about Impact before.  However, in this video, Kunal goes in depth into how Impact was founded and what it is today. We hope you enjoy this... more
Kunal Gupta talks about
I recently visited Kunal Gupta who is the CEO of Polar Mobile.  We featured an interview with him earlier this week.  Today we present a conversation with him about an organization he... more
UW to host residence-based Young Entrepreneur Bootcamp
The folks in Waterloo are at it again. This summer the University of Waterloo is launching the VeloCity Entrepreneur Bootcamp (VEB), where Canada's most promising young entrepreneurs can come to... more
Polar Mobile masters media coverage
Great article in today's Financial Post about Polar Mobile and their founder Kunal Gupta. Young entrepreneurs out their might remember Gupta most recently for his work as the Founder of the Impact... more
Taking a revolutionary chance: Impact Conference 2009
Why is the Impact National Conference so radical in its approach? Because it’s intended for emerging talent, run entirely by emerging talent and amasses a following from industry executives... more
Students and New Grads Look to have an Impact
So last week was global entrepreneurship week, a celebration of entrepreneurs and to cap of a week of events the Impact Organization held their National Conference. The goal of Impact as a non... more
Do you look for opportunity or obstacle? Sunjay Nath Talks – Impact 2009
It’s decidedly humbling to be in a room full of ripe, young minds with actionable plans in motion and enough optimism to ignite the masses.  It’s even more overwhelming to be in... more
The power of the people: It's time now, to think BIG.
The influence of community is often underestimated in its power.  On a grander scale, as an international community, I truly believe that there is more that unites than divides us. And this,... more
Deadline Approaching for Impact Awards Recognizing Canada's Top Young Entrepreneurs
Nominations close on Sunday, October 11th, for The Impact Entrepreneurship Group's 2009 Impact Awards, which will be recognizing young Canadian entrepreneurs in five categories including:... more
Impact Ventures: A Y Combinator For Canada?
Student run organization Impact aims to create the next generation of entrepreneurs by connecting people, knowledge, and ideas amongst young entrepreneurial leaders. The non-profit organization has... more

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