Incentivibe helps businesses offer big contest prizes (e.g. $500 vacation) for a fraction of the prize cost (e.g. $24.99) via Incentivibe’s business-to-business cost-sharing program.

Incentivibe's cost-sharing program pools businesses together so they can share the cost of the prize with other businesses and motivate 3-7 times more online visitors to become email subscribers, leads, fans and followers.

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Client Testimonials:

“After several months in using the incentivibe app, the results were great. The incentives on our website attracted around 5 to 10 times more leads than usual. Offering these great prizes to our customers we were able to create a social media buzz and keep customers coming back for more chances to Win. Definitely worth a look” - Saving's Direct

“I had been looking at different ways to grow our customer database and thought i would give incentivibe a go. The response was beyond my expectations and we are extremely happy with the result. If you are looking at a way to grow your email list and want to improve your list building efforts then (which is so important these days) i would HIGHLY recommend this APP. Customer service is great and we haven't had any issues with the App itself. ” - Art shed Online

“Simplest way to gain social engagement on Facebook, total likes +600%, total reach +900% in a week time. Amazing.” - Jubile Jewel

"Incredible service. Our email subscriptions have jumped 1000% in the last three months" - Into the AM

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