Infoware is a highly focused consultancy and software development group specializing in Practice Management solutions for the Law Office. We deliver technology solutions and productivity tools to Canada's top law firms.

Infoware has been a business automation specialist for 20+ years. We have not only designed templates but examined the document creation process and re-engineered the approach, making many processes more efficient, saving time and money.

We do more than recommend solutions — we care about making them happen.

Whether it's integrating Microsoft Word with an accounting system to make billing more flexible, creating custom Outlook forms to automate a repetitive group process, the design of a simple to use web based full-text research tool for your firm's internal document precedents, or even cost recovery systems, we have the expertise and experience to deliver what you need.

Combining "off-the-shelf" Windows applications with Visual Basic, network & Internet technology along with whatever else it takes, we provide both lawyers and support staff with a more productive, easier to use, computer environment. Over the years Infoware has developed World Class expertise in Microsoft Word customization and VBA development and delivers solutions using Excel, VB, Access, SQL, Outlook and Exchange.

Infoware knows law firms and we focus on delivering easy to understand solutions that make the process of practising law simple, efficient, cost effective and profitable.

IT Consulting, Software, Legal

310 - 217 Richmond St W
Toronto, Ontario, Canada