Infusion Angels

Infusion Angels

Infusion Angels (IA), a sister company of Infusion Development, is a group of investing “angel” partners focused on finding and funding new business ideas.

Our goal is to identify, fund, and help grow concepts into full fledged, revenue-oriented companies with the ultimate goal of dominance in a given market, sale to larger, publicly-traded entities or a public offering.

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News on Infusion Angels

Infusion Angel’s Windows Azure Event Tomorrow
Cloud computing has been getting a good deal of media attention recently, one can scarcely go a day without seeing the term used. Much like the term “Web 2.0” the meaning of... more
Infusion Angels Presents Independents Day
If you are interested in gaming there is a great event happening today at the University of Waterloo. Infusion Angels and Microsoft have teamed up for an event geared towards those interested in... more
Business Track Event: Tax Credits And The Entrepreneur
Infusion Angels will be hosting a lecture tomorrow at the Innovation Center in Waterloo. Alex Dhanjal from KPMG will be hosting a session entitled "Tax Cedits & The Entrepreneur". The talk will... more

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