Ink Ventures, LLC

Ink Ventures, LLC

Ink Ventures, LLC was founded because of the growing ecological and economic concerns facing our country today. We believe our program can provide much needed funds to budget-conscious organizations. A very real result of this is limiting the amount of environmental impact made by the raw materials used and then wasted by the destruction of used ink and toner cartridges.

It's easy to recycle an aluminum can or a glass bottle, but what about an ink or toner cartridge from your home or business printer? If you're concerned about the environment like most people, you know the importance of recycling.

Every year, millions of pounds of plastics are dumped into landfills. We can keep millions of printer and toner cartridges out of these dumps. Ink Ventures, LLC saves these recyclables to be remanufactured into replacement products. We work with all types of organizations to establish collection programs by providing free materials, shipping, handling, and
reporting for this very important cause.

The economics of ink and toner cartridge recycling make sense. Producing a remanufactured ink and toner cartridge uses less than half the oil used to manufacture a new cartridge as well as reduce overall solid waste. Worldwide over 1.2 Billion new ink and toner cartridges will be produced and sold, while only 100 Million of these will come from recycled materials. That is less than 10% recycling effort. This will produce millions of pounds of non-biodegradable waste as well as waste millions of gallons of crude oil to produce.

It's our mission to make recycling rewarding for everyone and to help save the environment in the process.


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