We are an experienced team, working hard to create the world's first online marketplace for cutting edge print designs. This marketplace is targeted at the business sector.

We know we can’t do this without great designers, and this platform is designed to help the best designers find new outlets of revenue and commissioned work.

Ours is a true "buy & sell" community (rather like CafePress, Zazzle, Etsy and even stock image companies) wherein designers upload print creative and businesses can download and use the content as a cost effective alternative to hiring a designer - for situations where time and budget do not allow custom consultation.

Our team has a great deal of experience building such marketplaces and our goal is to quickly become the world's largest repository of professional print creative available for use on the Internet. When that happens, designers get more money and more exposure and businesses, who often previously couldn’t afford great design, will finally have a taste of it.

Our previous ventures or investments include the world's largest art marketplace (Imagekind - sold to CafePress in 2008) and Shelfari, the largest book marketplace (sold to Amazon in 2008) among others.

If you're curious and you'd like to know more about the company or our investors you can read about us in a few places. When we first started the corporation, we called it Pressplane. But, when we started working on the website itself, we decided the name Inkd was far cooler.


News on Inkd

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