Inspire2go helps you easily discover great new places that match your unique taste, whether you're looking for a restaurant across town, a hiking trail nearby or a destination far away.
How it Works

The Travel Discovery Engine learns your taste when you rate the places you've been to. It then compares you to all inspire2go members and uses the ratings from the most like-minded people to generate your personalized travel recommendations. The more places you rate, the more refined the recommendations. It’s like tapping the collective travel wisdom of thousands of like-minded friends to get ideas of where to go and what to do that are perfectly matched to your taste.
Planning the Perfect Trip

Planning the perfect trip used to mean hunting through an overwhelming amount of biased or irrelevant information from dozens of guides and online travel sites that mainly cover the same old popular tourist destinations. Inspire2go saves you time and takes the risk out of travel planning. It recommends those places which are most relevant to your personal preferences by automatically filtering through a vast and growing database of travel information on places on and off the beaten path - cities, parks, hotels, attractions, golf courses, ski hills, beaches, trails and more. To help you finalize your plan, inspire2go provides maps, ratings, reviews, photos, and inspirational "best of" lists contributed by other users and retrieved from across the web.
Giving Back

Supporting this project is a growing global community of people who have many interests but share a passion for discovering and sharing great travel experiences. Since inspire2go would not exist without people like you, we reward your use of the site by giving money to your favorite club or charity. The more you contribute, the more we give.


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