IntelliView Technologies Inc.

IntelliView Technologies Inc.

IntelliView Technologies Inc. is a Canadian-based technology focused company that incorporated in March 2003. It is a privately owned company that has a patented hardware/software solution that provides video access to operations. The solution includes software that analyzes video to determine if a real-time notification needs to be sent through e-mail.

IntelliView's software is able to detect events then send notifications through e-mail. The solution includes an environmental filter that significantly reduce false alarms caused by shadows, glare, ice, or other extreme weather conditions. The unique system configuration allows the solution to be located at the edge. There it records the video and is able to detect when an event has occurred that the client has chosen to be notified about. The software allows up to 10 different rules to be applied per camera.

The solution has been successfully commercialized in many markets including: oil and gas, construction, healthcare, airport security, military, traffic systems, law enforcement, security and transportation.

IntelliView's solution is easy to deploy and does not add in layers of operating costs since it uses minimal bandwidth and power and requires minimal IT support.


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