internSHARE seeks to solve this problem by not only providing a complete rating system, but also developing a platform for interns to socialize and network, turning this into a huge information centered-interactive community.internSHARE was developed from the ground up by our intrepid co-founders: Michael, Anuj, and David. We launched a private beta in May 2008 after many months of planning and development and we look forward to helping you for years to come. internSHARE is based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and the founders attend the University of Toronto.

In early 2009, internSHARE merged with Coop Rankings to form the largest online information source for interns and coop students in Canada. Coop Rankings was started by a group of students at the University of Waterloo in 2004. The new internSHARE brings together a tremendous wealth of information from students across the world and we hope to continue to provide you with the best user experience for years to come.


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Internship? Do your due diligence online with internSHARE
Today Techcrunch covered Toronto-based internSHARE - an all-in-one internship job and review portal where students can not only find a internship but also access the reviews of internships at... more

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