Invitastic™ is our tiny website for inviting friends and family (and even enemies and strangers) to events.

There are lots of things you can’t do here...create a social network, plan party activities, split the tab for the event, figure out carpool arrangements, find recipes for Mai Tais, and more. There are pretty much a limitless number of things that Invitastic doesn’t do.

Hopefully however, when it comes to letting a bunch of people know that you’re having a party or gathering, and finding out if they’re coming or not, we do our job exactly as you’d hope.

We want to thank the great people at Dry Soda who are also focused like a laser on making something simple and lovely – in their case a small collection of unique and delicious sparkling beverages. You could coordinate your party using Invitastic and not serve Dry Soda, but frankly, we don’t recommend it.


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Seattle, Washington, United States