IONICA provides managed hosting and Internet infrastructure consulting.

We work tightly with developers and business stakeholders to make web sites, super fast, stable, and secure.

IONICA specializes in missiion critical infrastructure for complex environments. Our solutions employ technology specifically engineered to accomplish our clients' business objectives, rather than the other way around ... and to blow away expectations. Read more on IONICA's services at

Our philosophy is one of partnership, aligned interests, and corporate stewardship. We view our clients, suppliers, and communities as partners in business. We work to align interests and goals so everyone wins, rather than simply striving for the best return to our own shareholders.

Our promise: Sites on infrastructure built and managed by IONICA are faster, more stable, and more secure those by anyone else.

IT Consulting, Hosting, Startup

619 - 602 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada