iPod Repair Center

iPod Repair Center

Quality iPod repair, iPhone repair and iPad Repair service centrally located in Edmonton, Alberta!

iPod not holding a charge ? iPad screen is broken ? Need your iPhone screen repaired fast ? Give us a call!

We Are Part Of The Revolution:

If you're not aware, the iPod Repair Center has been around since the start of the iPod and later the iPhone and now the iPad revolution. We were one of the first companies to offer replacement iPod batteries in the the 1st Gen iPod. Since then, the iPod has changed in so many ways.

We have kept up with the latest training and have learnt the best techniques to handle all of the upgrades and different features of each model of iPod, iPhone and iPad.

Our technicians can repair anything from broken digitizers, display screens, click wheels and audio jacks to upgrading hard drives and batteries. We can even back up all your music and data files. We can repair any iPod, iPhone or iPad for a fraction of the cost of buying a new device, plus give you a no hassle, peace of mind guarantee.

Our Service Guarantee:

Repairs performed by iPod Repair Center Inc. and it's Licensees

Batteries: Six months. Digitizer/ touch-screen: Six months on performance.

All other parts and labour: 90 days.

We guarantee that our parts and repairs will perform as advertised; sometimes they don’t. When this happens, please contact us immediately and we will help resolve your situation.


11419 106 Ave NW
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada