is the creation of two inspired entrepreneurs on opposite sides of the globe, Tomer Sidi and Orly Reitkop. Orly Reitkop is co-founder of Blue Lemon Media, a web agency based in Toronto and New Jersey. Tomer Sidi, based in Tel - Aviv is a Webmaster for an international retail company. Both Orly & Tomer have in-depth knowledge of business and marketing and are passionate about online innovation.

The evolution of iscoper illustrates the modern business environment. iscoper was created over SKYPE, an online communications tool that allowed for the partners and their team to share ideas and develop their application without the boundaries of distance.

Iscoper’s goal is to rid the world of the frustration that presents itself when researching electronics. Developed as a user centric, reliable tool that would eliminate the inconvenience of scouring through infinite websites, scaling through ratings, opinions, blogs, and reviews, iscoper helps consumers sift through the information overload by providing them with honest, results specific to their needs.

How does it work? generates smart results using computer produced algorithms combined with expert input from real people whom are authorities in electronics, gadgets, and technology.
iscoper is a free service that has no ties to any of the merchandise and does not make money on any of your purchases.


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