Itinere Inc

Itinere Inc

Itinere is a Managed Services Provider of on board info-tainment and ancillary services for passenger railroads.

Passenger trains are the most cost effective and environmentally responsible mode of intercity travel.

Trains carry up to 17X the number of inter-city passengers as commercial airlines do each year yet while on the train there is little more to do than read a book or look out the window. Wireless services do not reliably penetrate train cars and on board WiFi services are rudimentary with very limited bandwidth and network throughput capacity. Providing adequate network capacity and functionality to permit passengers to stream media is enormously expensive and far beyond the financial capacity of passenger railroads unless they charge for the service. The airline industry has repeatedly demonstrated that the passenger take up rate for paid WiFi is under 5%.

Itinere bring train travel out of the 19th C. and firmly into the 21st providing a profitable media, info-tainment and enhanced passenger security service embedded at each seat. We do this without requiring any capital investment by the railroad AND without increasing demand on the existing WiFi infrastructure.

Increasing passenger loads on trains is a matter of enhancing the passenger's travel experience and for the first time in over a century, Itinere deliver this greatly enhanced travel experience.

The Itinere technology IP, methodology and business model have been independently validated by the leading players in the global rail industry, as the "Only" viable solution currently existing. The market cap for Itinere's services has also been independently projected by the global leader in the field, as over US$100 billion per year.

Globally, passenger railroads carry more than 45 billion intercity passengers each year yet even in a major intercity train market such as the EU, passenger rail has less than a 7% market share of intercity travel. The opportunity to grow this market share is huge.

The EU Central Government has enacted and are continuing to enact legislation to limit and decrease airline travel.throughout the member countries.

An Open vs Closed (Proprietary) Architecture Solution.
The defining moment in the launch of the personal computer ecosystem was the shift from a closed architecture model to an open architecture model in the early 1980s.

The current airline In Fight Entertainment System (IFE) market operates on a totally closed architecture paradigm costing more than $3M per plane. Itinere however, operate on an open (non proprietary) hardware paradigm requiring no capital expense for the railroad.

Through this shift from the closed architecture model to an open architecture model, Itinere is the only provider of on board info-tainment systems that address all of the barriers to adoption that have prohibited railroads from following their primary competition (airlines) and adopting on board info-tainment systems as a means to enhance their passenger's travel experience.

For many decades media outlets have focused exclusively upon their core products. TV offered video, newspapers offered print and maybe some embedded video through their websites etc. There just hasn’t been a single media channel delivering everything to the consumer in one integrated, simple to use package.

Itinere deliver TV programming, movies, digital magazines and newspapers, games, Internet access, car rentals, hotel reservations, city guides and more. One channel with everything the traveler wants or needs to make their trip the most relaxing, enjoyable and productive it can be.

Seat back entertainment systems or BYOD streaming?
Contrary to common opinion, passengers don't want to bring their own devices and entertain themselves. Fairfax Media in Australia released a poll of airline passenger in March 2014 showing that 72% of passengers don't want to bring their own mobile device and stream entertainment, they want seat back entertainment systems and media provided by the airline.

Basically, passengers simply don't want to be treated like cattle. They want to be treated like valued guests and they want the amenities that are due to valued guests.

If I were to summarize Itinere's value to the passenger rail industry it would be: 'If you choose to leave your passengers to their own devices then your passengers will choose to drive". You can't get passengers to leave their cars and take your train if the train experience is inferior to driving themselves.


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