Iversoft Solutions Inc.

Iversoft Solutions Inc.

Iversoft Solutions Inc. is an Ottawa-based interactive digital solutions company that specializes in building mobile applications, multi-touch panels, custom software, and responsive web design.

Iversoft Solutions' seasoned team of expert software developers and business professionals are 100% committed to developing and delivering user-friendly, functional and reliable solutions that address the needs of all business sizes, big or small. Iversoft possesses experience across multiple industries such as gym and fitness, automotive, entertainment, charity, media agencies, book publishers and more.

If you have a need to interact with your customers, Iversoft Solutions can build an app for you. Contact us at info@iversoft.ca to learn more.

Software, Web Design & Development, Mobile, Gaming, Startup, App Developers

2212 Gladwin Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada