J2Play is for existing casual game developers who want to build their own business on the social web and own their installs and active users instead of using a publisher.

Our vision is to reshape the games market using social concepts and enable growth in social gaming. Our mission is to enhance social concepts and remove obstacles so Web, Mobile, and PC casual game developers can independently move their business to the social web.


News on J2Play

J2Play`s Balahura profiled in Globe
The Globe and Mail`s Joanna Pachner has a great article out today about Rob Balahura, the founder of Waterloo`s J2Play, and his success in winning support from Facebook. No entrepreneur needs a... more
Social Games Platform J2Play Wins Facebook's Favor, Money
The second annual Facebook Developers Conference happened this week. There were a number of interesting developments (read about Facebook Connect, if you haven't already), though none as... more

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