Jama Software

Jama Software

Jama Software is the maker of Contour, the leading web-based solution for collaborative requirements management and social product development. Our solution is designed for rapid deployment across the enterprise and use throughout an organization providing an instant collaborative environment and rapid return on investment.

Contour's intuitive design simplifies the requirements management process which enables teams of all sizes and methodologies to benefit. We believe that requirements management is too critical to leave to chance and teams need an alternative to expensive proprietary desktop software.

Jama Software is located in Portland, Oregon in the Pearl District, with International partners in Europe and Asia.

Jama Software is a privately held corporation. The flagship product, Contour, is used by thousands worldwide managing billions in R&D projects. Jama's customers range from agile startups to federal government agencies to Fortune 100 organizations.


200 - 600 NW 14th Ave
Portland, Oregon, United States 97209
119 - 2828 SW Corbett Ave
Portland, Oregon, United States 97201