JanRain has been a recognized leader and catalyst driving the OpenID market forward since 2005. While providing OpenID solutions for both consumers and businesses, our company has helped create the OpenID Foundation and the majority of the OpenID-enabled websites are running our open source libraries and utilities. JanRain is the only OpenID technology platform provider with multiple deployment options to meet the needs from small businesses to large enterprises.


News on JanRain

Who are you? Google? Facebook? Twitter? JanRain shares industry trends on distributed identities and social media platforms
You may not know this, but what distributed identity you decide to use and where you decide to use it says a lot about you—and a lot about the world of the Internet in general. I’m... more
That’s it. Officially declaring 2010 “The Year of the Acquisition” in Portland. (AboutUs acquires JanRain’s Jyte)
Portland has gone acquisition crazy. Why? After surviving a lean year, there’s lots of good affordable technology out there. And that means that Portland-based businesses are snapping it up... more
Rounding up the good news: JanRain secures $3.25 million in Series A funding
It’s always a good day when a Portland-area startup gets funding. And by that reasoning, today was a very good day. Portland-based JanRain—a company that started as an OpenID play and... more

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