Jetrecord is to pilot logbooks what Flickr is to photo albums. Log your flights online and share them with friends and family!

More time for the fun stuff!

Come on, pilots aren't robots yet. Share the joy of flight with your family, friends, and fellow pilots by sharing your logbook over the web. It works just like a blog where every flight has its own web page with your Flickr photos and Google maps of your route. Sure, Jetrecord might be a logbook by day, but it lives to tell your flying stories! And we know you've got 'em.
Spending more time in your logbook than in the air?

Let Jetrecord handle the boring stuff. It's fast, reliable, and super simple to use. Log flights in seconds, find the numbers you need, and get back in the air.
Map screen
Use it everywhere you go!

Jetrecord is 100% online. Use it from Windows, Mac, Linux, desktop, laptop, tablet PC, web-enabled smartphone, Blackberry, iPhone, even via text messaging! Yes, you can log flights via text message. How's that for portable!


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