Jiibe is a user-powered online service that helps people make better decisions for a happier life. First we help you understand what sort of workplace you need to be happy. Then we point you to companies that match based on the real-life experiences of other members.

The Big Picture

Traditionally, job seekers are drawn to companies that have appealing brands or exciting career marketing sites that rarely give the whole picture. The only way to truly find out what it's like to work at a company is to sign the contract, move your family, buy a new house and take the leap. Well, that leap has its risks and it could be years of unhappiness at work.

How can Jiibe help to reduce that risk?

Through scientific assessment technology, user-driven content and social networking, Jiibe helps employees and jobseekers find corporate cultures that fit their values and style of work. Unlike other assessment technologies, Jiibe is focused on the individual employee or jobseeker. Jiibe will become a corporate culture marketplace where users can hunt for the ultimate workplace.

Beyond the service to job seekers, this marketplace will drive the competition for employees. It will become a tool for companies to adapt their culture; attract new employees and partners to their culture; and help companies to deliver on their strategic goals then, in turn, becoming more profitable. Ultimately both the employee and the company are happier.


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