JKS Talent Network Inc.

JKS Talent Network Inc.

JKS Talent Network Inc. provides complete solution-focused talent services for businesses and straightforward career advice for individuals. With a focus on the talent that manages people, projects and programs, Janis Strathearn's approach is consultative, solution-focused and rooted in a strategic category of people services for your business.

Using her management-level expertise and resourceful nature, Janis streamlines your search for exceptional talent. She learns about your company culture, your business requirements and your expectations before the search begins. Janis provides you with regular feedback on market perception, compensation levels and other issues that may impact your ability to build high performance teams.

Janis uses a devoted effort that the majority of recruiters cannot provide due to time limitations and volume commitments required by their business model. Trust her to use visionary thinking and never sacrifice your professional reputation or team dynamic. Janis’ focus is your structure, your culture and your future direction


101 - 288 West 8th Avenue
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada